Xaction Basics – FTPing a file

Here is another little xaction that demonstrates the FTP capabilities of xactions. Just like the last one, make sure to save it in the workspace directory for Design Studio so that it displays properly when you try to edit it. Open the ftp_prpt_report_w_parm.xaction file in Design Studio (Eclipse). You will want to change the default […]

Xaction Basics – Sending an Email

There are moments when working with the BI server that you will desire functionality that isn’t necessarily available through the server itself or any plugin that is currently out there.  In these situations, you will need xactions, which can be a little intimidating at first glance.  For this reason, we’ll provide some xactions that do […]

Using XMLA in Pentaho Reporting 4

Anyone who has ever actually attempted it may have noticed that Pentaho Report Designer does not natively accept XMLA as a datasource.  It is still possible, and this little guide will step you through how to do this.  We used MSSQL 2008R2 with the standard Adventure Works example data loaded.  We used the Pentaho BI […]

Setting Up Logging Tables for PDI both Locally and on Server 2

When running an ETL in Pentaho Data Integration (Kettle), logging is normally done in a log file on the local system.  When running an ETL through Carte or the BI server, it will add the information to their own separate local log file.  These directions will allow the log information to be placed in a […]

Differences in Private versus Public Schedules using Pentaho User Console 2

We get a lot of questions about the scheduling mechanism within the Pentaho BI Server and the differences between Public and Private Schedules. Update: Michael D’Amour of Pentaho informed me that the scheduling mechanism will be completely re-written in the Sugar release which is the next generation of the Pentaho Suite.  The data below is still relavent […]

Pentaho SSO with CAS and LDAP: Tips and Notes

After hearing various comments and setting up some more production implementations, I figured I would share some tips beyond the straight setup here. I will reserve the other post for keeping the basic instructions and use this one for any additional notes as I come across them. Version compatibility Many people seemed to have trouble […]

How to Use MySQL and Microsoft PowerPivot Together 9

Overview This document shows how an Open Source Database like MySQL can be used with Microsoft’s popular Excel plugin PoweverPivot.  Many clients enjoy the familiarity of Excel and ease of use that PowerPivot brings but the clients do not want to married with any one particular vendor in their Business Intelligence process.  Consumers should have […]

Pentaho SSO Setup using CAS and LDAP 41

Hello.  Today I’m going to be discussing how to go about setting up SSO (Single Sign On) support for Pentaho using CAS (Central Authentication Service) and an LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol) Server.  By doing this, you can allow Pentaho to utilize the same usernames and passwords as your other programs requiring authentication, removing the […]